Tanya & Trevor, Mallory Court Hotel, Leamington Spa


When I arrived the sun was shinning and there was a real family atmosphere with children and parents and many other relatives popping in every so often to see the glowing bride whilst she got ready in her room. Mallory Court is a really stunning venue and the staff had a firm grip on the day’s event. It ran like total clockwork.
Tanya and Trevor are just so suited together and although it was their wedding day it felt like they were already married. They just seemed so comfortable with each other. A togetherness made with strong glue!
Amongst the guests was Tanya’s cousin Amy. I shot her and Richard’s wedding in April last year so there were a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, which was really nice. It was lovely to see them all again. Top marks if you can spot my most photographed guest as she now appears in four of my weddings!
I enjoyed the day and without a shadow of doubt, I can say that all the guests, Tanya and Trevor did too!
An absolute belter of a day!