Suze & Dan, St. Mary’s Church, Adderbury, Oxford


This has to be one of the most mental weddings I’ve ever photographed.
To summarise some of the anomalies: A monkey in the church with the rings, Mexican waves, dwarfs delivering beers to the¬†groom, a raised revolving centre top table. Oh and a dance floor with lighting reminiscent of a Pink Floyd gig; and the aim to use it until at least mid morning the next day! So it would appear that Dan and Suze don’t like to do things by half. It was one hell of a day!

  1. Hi Ross! The party was amazing… and a party like that realy needed a top photographer like you. Your photos are amazing; you now how to capture “the moment”. I learnt a lot watching you taking photos. One day I want to be like you. Great, great, great job!!!