Silje & Anders, Hackney, London


Silje and Anders met in London and despite the fact that they are now living back in Norway, they decided London was the place to get married. In Anders’s words: “Prepare for a Viking wedding”. The majority of guests were Norwegians, Danes and Swedes and some of their traditions add a fun game-like twist. Certain triggers throughout the reception would send the Bride and groom into a kiss either on top of the table or beneath it. Another would involve the parents kissing. All this whilst the guests cheer along in an excitable manner. Then the speeches. It seemed to me that anyone with something to say could do so. I’m sure you’re thinking his could be a recipe for disaster; but it really wasn’t… Every single one (and there were a lot) was either heartwarming, comical or a combination of the both. An outstanding set of speeches!
I believe that Silje and Anders got the relaxed wedding they wanted whilst retaining a slick London vibe and I think this shows in the pictures.
I wish you both every happiness in your married life. Thanks for choosing me to photograph your wedding.