Sarah & Greg, The Ritz-Charlton, Dublin, Ireland


Greg and Sarah or Mutton and Sazzle as I affectionately call them are both very dear friends of mine. So getting to shoot their wedding was an absolute honour and a privilege; And what a wedding it was too!
If I were brutally honest it would have been hard to make this wedding look anything short of stunning. Even the salon where Sarah and the girls had their hair and makeup done, was striking and classy.
The vicar at the church was quite the character and so laid back he was practically horizontal. As for the reception at the Ritz Charlton – words fail me to just how lavish that was! A truly first-rate wedding for a first-rate couple.

One other person who deserves a mention is Mark, who came and found me when I had an epic Sat-Nav fail. Mate you saved the day. You’re a Super-star!