Melody & Matt, Hendall Manor Barns, East Sussex


The next time I get asked ‘what makes a good wedding?’ I’m just going to point them to this blog post. I could spend hours prattling on but essentially, I only need three letters to describe Melody and Matt: ‘fun’. To expect their wedding day to be anything less would be idiotic. It truly was good fun. I had a great time, they had a great time and their guests had a great time. What more could you ask for?

Everything about this wedding was amazing but a couple of highlights for me would have to be Melody’s red dress, her fathers moving speech and the games. These two were made for each other, that much is obvious to anyone that meets them.

Cassie & Matt, Hackney, London


I love London weddings and it doesn’t get much more London than Cassie and Matt’s Hackney wedding. The day started in Bethnal Green at the stunning Hall Hotel; A beautiful old building with just the right amount of trendy edge. The perfect setting for Cassie to get ready with her sister and girlfriends. I then jumped in a black cab with Matt and went to the pub, which was around the corner from Hackney Town Hall. And that is where the rest of the day was spent. The Town Hall not the pub!

The ceremony was lovely and that coupled with the grandeur of the room; I couldn’t have asked for more. A quick drinks reception and straight into speeches. I quote Cassie: “…get ’em over and done with so we can enjoy the party”. And that’s how it happened. Matt and Cassie were a truly relaxed couple and seemed so at ease with each other. It was lovely to have been a part of their day.

Kat & Geoff, Lillingstone Lovell, Milton Keynes


I had never met Kat or Geoff before their wedding day. This was because they didn’t actually book me. The average person looks on the John Lewis website buys a cushion or some form of kitchen appliance and that’s the wedding gift sorted. Not in this case however; I was a surprise wedding gift booked by Dan, Geoff’s Best Man. Dan and I go back more years than I care to remember. In-fact most nights with Dan I fail to remember anyway. But enough about that and back to the main event.

The village of Lillingstone Lovell is tiny and the church is a 2 minute walk from Kat’s parents farm where the day started and Kat’s family have lived for generations. I arrived to the joviality of the girls getting ready, Kat’s dad moving tractors about the farm yard and Kat’s mum organising the kitchen buffet. Meanwhile, Geoff and Dan where in a house across the field drinking cups of tea wearing dressing gowns. The church was lovely and the Vicar was very kind indeed, giving me more freedom than most photographers she meets. I like to think it was my charm, but it’s more likely because she was a friend of Kat’s family.
After the ceremony I had my work cut out as the sun was setting and it gave a very short amount of light before total darkness. Which meant the flash had to come out and play. We had some fun shooting on the farm and before we froze to death we hot-footed back to the farmhouse for a few words, some bubbles and nibbles.

Geoff and Kat had been friends for years before becoming a couple and have now made the transition into Husband and Wife. Their story is the stuff Rom-Com’s are made of. A truly lovely couple. I wish them every happiness together.

Sarah & Greg, The Ritz-Charlton, Dublin, Ireland


Greg and Sarah or Mutton and Sazzle as I affectionately call them are both very dear friends of mine. So getting to shoot their wedding was an absolute honour and a privilege; And what a wedding it was too!
If I were brutally honest it would have been hard to make this wedding look anything short of stunning. Even the salon where Sarah and the girls had their hair and makeup done, was striking and classy.
The vicar at the church was quite the character and so laid back he was practically horizontal. As for the reception at the Ritz Charlton – words fail me to just how lavish that was! A truly first-rate wedding for a first-rate couple.

One other person who deserves a mention is Mark, who came and found me when I had an epic Sat-Nav fail. Mate you saved the day. You’re a Super-star!

Helen & Justin, Betchworth, Surrey


What can I say other than Helen and Justin are an ace couple. Working with them felt like hanging out with friends. In-fact the original consultation did turn into a somewhat drunken affair but luckily for everyone involved; on the wedding day itself I stayed away from the drink despite his or her encouragement.
The reception was hosted at Justin’s parents house and the attention to detail was amazing! The speeches were funny and heartfelt and the dancing was rambunctious to say the least. All in all a belter of a day!

Anna & Nigel, High Winder House, Penrith


It’s hard to talk about Anna’s and Nigel’s wedding without banging on about the scenery too much. So I will just say this; It was epic! If you haven’t visited that part of the world, do it.

So Anna is Australian, Nigel is from Penrith and they met in London. That’s a rather large geographic triangle but they chose the northern point of Penrith for their wedding day. A wedding that may have been small in head count but gigantic in personality and effort. The whole day unravelled in a loose organic way but every detail was so carefully considered. A real family participation effort with Nigel’s parents hosting the reception party. Anna’s 3 sisters on hair, make-up and florist duties and Anna’s father baking enough cakes to feed everyone twice over. All in all a belter of a day that I’m very pleased to have been involved in. Thank you both.

Anna & Vedran, Battle Abbey, East Sussex


Anna and Vedran’s quintessential British wedding was perfect in every way…
The event took place in the school that Anna and her mother went to so it already held a level of nostalgia to their family. A magnificent venue with towers, turrets and banquet halls reminiscent of something out of a Harry Potter movie. This combined with Vedran’s pop-up cocktail bar made the perfect setting for their wedding day. Anna’s father had the day running to military precision and the day didn’t skip a beat. Until the first dance and then there most certainly was some skipping to the beat. See for yourselves!
Thank you for choosing me to shoot your wedding!

Silje & Anders, Hackney, London


Silje and Anders met in London and despite the fact that they are now living back in Norway, they decided London was the place to get married. In Anders’s words: “Prepare for a Viking wedding”. The majority of guests were Norwegians, Danes and Swedes and some of their traditions add a fun game-like twist. Certain triggers throughout the reception would send the Bride and groom into a kiss either on top of the table or beneath it. Another would involve the parents kissing. All this whilst the guests cheer along in an excitable manner. Then the speeches. It seemed to me that anyone with something to say could do so. I’m sure you’re thinking his could be a recipe for disaster; but it really wasn’t… Every single one (and there were a lot) was either heartwarming, comical or a combination of the both. An outstanding set of speeches!
I believe that Silje and Anders got the relaxed wedding they wanted whilst retaining a slick London vibe and I think this shows in the pictures.
I wish you both every happiness in your married life. Thanks for choosing me to photograph your wedding.

Tanya & Trevor, Mallory Court Hotel, Leamington Spa


When I arrived the sun was shinning and there was a real family atmosphere with children and parents and many other relatives popping in every so often to see the glowing bride whilst she got ready in her room. Mallory Court is a really stunning venue and the staff had a firm grip on the day’s event. It ran like total clockwork.
Tanya and Trevor are just so suited together and although it was their wedding day it felt like they were already married. They just seemed so comfortable with each other. A togetherness made with strong glue!
Amongst the guests was Tanya’s cousin Amy. I shot her and Richard’s wedding in April last year so there were a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, which was really nice. It was lovely to see them all again. Top marks if you can spot my most photographed guest as she now appears in four of my weddings!
I enjoyed the day and without a shadow of doubt, I can say that all the guests, Tanya and Trevor did too!
An absolute belter of a day!