Kat & Geoff, Lillingstone Lovell, Milton Keynes


I had never met Kat or Geoff before their wedding day. This was because they didn’t actually book me. The average person looks on the John Lewis website buys a cushion or some form of kitchen appliance and that’s the wedding gift sorted. Not in this case however; I was a surprise wedding gift booked by Dan, Geoff’s Best Man. Dan and I go back more years than I care to remember. In-fact most nights with Dan I fail to remember anyway. But enough about that and back to the main event.

The village of Lillingstone Lovell is tiny and the church is a 2 minute walk from Kat’s parents farm where the day started and Kat’s family have lived for generations. I arrived to the joviality of the girls getting ready, Kat’s dad moving tractors about the farm yard and Kat’s mum organising the kitchen buffet. Meanwhile, Geoff and Dan where in a house across the field drinking cups of tea wearing dressing gowns. The church was lovely and the Vicar was very kind indeed, giving me more freedom than most photographers she meets. I like to think it was my charm, but it’s more likely because she was a friend of Kat’s family.
After the ceremony I had my work cut out as the sun was setting and it gave a very short amount of light before total darkness. Which meant the flash had to come out and play. We had some fun shooting on the farm and before we froze to death we hot-footed back to the farmhouse for a few words, some bubbles and nibbles.

Geoff and Kat had been friends for years before becoming a couple and have now made the transition into Husband and Wife. Their story is the stuff Rom-Com’s are made of. A truly lovely couple. I wish them every happiness together.

  1. Excellent! what a choice – it’s amazing what a camera can do

    especially when you are not expecting to be caught on

    camera! Well done Ross. You ought to see my pictures and I

    apologise for possibly getting in the way with mine!!!