Jo & Phil, Ciutadella, Menorca


Jo and Phil are good friends so I was delighted when asked, if I could recommend a photographer that shot in my style. I knew just the chap.

I met Phil and Jo at a festival… The very same festival where they became ‘more than just friends’. Three years on and I’m photographing their wedding. I don’t think anyone would disagree when I say that, Phil and Jo are just so absolutely made for each other; and seeing them together on their wedding day magnified that fact.

Jo’s parents have a house in Menorca so Jo has been visiting the place for years. More recent visits have been with Phil, and they felt it was the place for them to tie the knot. I can see why too; What a stunning place. Between the two of them, they organised a truly amazing day which just oozed class, happiness and sunshine. Just look at the pictures and see what I mean…

  1. These are the best by a top professional – fantastic composition – how did you get everyone smiling and Phil & Jo looking so happy?Thank you Ross