Anna & Vedran, Battle Abbey, East Sussex


Anna and Vedran’s quintessential British wedding was perfect in every way…
The event took place in the school that Anna and her mother went to so it already held a level of nostalgia to their family. A magnificent venue with towers, turrets and banquet halls reminiscent of something out of a Harry Potter movie. This combined with Vedran’s pop-up cocktail bar made the perfect setting for their wedding day. Anna’s father had the day running to military precision and the day didn’t skip a beat. Until the first dance and then there most certainly was some skipping to the beat. See for yourselves!
Thank you for choosing me to shoot your wedding!

  1. Fantastic, capturing every moment. Loved the blend of antique and colour popping. Maybe one in another life time I will be as good as you.
    A would be photographer : )