Anna & Tom, Brixton, London


Anna & Tom’s DIY wedding was amazing. The effort put in was immense. Then, if you add to the equation that Anna was eight and a half months pregnant, it becomes even more impressive.
I really enjoyed our little roam around London together. From tube stations to rooftop tower blocks we covered some ground. I loved the challenge of shooting in a very crowded urban environment and Anna and Tom are a couple of top bananas. The whole day rolled with a simple relaxed flow; Ace work guys. Enjoy your married lives together!

  1. What lovely photographs – really captures the joy and spirit of the occasion. And what a stylish bride indeed.


    Elliot is going to get an extra big kiss for putting us in touch with you!

    ooooodles of love! And did I mention WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Wow what a fun fun wedding..enjoyed looking at these at 2:30 AM before tucking in . Lord I am going to miss Sandee. Kudos on pulling it off . I just e-mail the link to my friend and classmate (Paris ’61)in Hampstead-Heath so he will know who you are when I come to see Sandee