Anna & Nigel, High Winder House, Penrith


It’s hard to talk about Anna’s and Nigel’s wedding without banging on about the scenery too much. So I will just say this; It was epic! If you haven’t visited that part of the world, do it.

So Anna is Australian, Nigel is from Penrith and they met in London. That’s a rather large geographic triangle but they chose the northern point of Penrith for their wedding day. A wedding that may have been small in head count but gigantic in personality and effort. The whole day unravelled in a loose organic way but every detail was so carefully considered. A real family participation effort with Nigel’s parents hosting the reception party. Anna’s 3 sisters on hair, make-up and florist duties and Anna’s father baking enough cakes to feed everyone twice over. All in all a belter of a day that I’m very pleased to have been involved in. Thank you both.

  1. So many beautiful moments captured! Looks like an amazing day. Lots of love to you guys. Iris x

  2. Superb pics! Memories flooding back of a truly fantastic and special time. So much of the emotion captured!

  3. Congratulations to you both!
    Anna , the photos are wonderful and the day looked like a great success.
    You both look so happy and what a wonderful place you chose for the wedding .
    I look forward to seeing you out here in Australia in November to celebrate .
    We are all thrilled for you .
    Ps Happy birthday Anna !!!
    Millie shares your birthday and she is 17 years old today!
    Lots of love xx the Scanlans

  4. So many beautiful photos which captured such an amazing day. I am so happy to have been a part of it all. Well done Ross, great job! xx

  5. Oh my goodness! Fantastic photography! I have tears in my eyes from the pure joy. Congratulations to the fabulous bride and groom, a magical day captured BEAUTIFULLY!

  6. The people, the scenery and the cakes all beautiful and what about the weather!
    Love to you both and looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne.

  7. We are a ‘blast from the past’ Anna!! Congratulations to you both and to all involved particularly the mother of the bride!!

    Peter and Geraldine

  8. Little Anna all grown up and married!
    I haven’t seen you since you were quite a small girl, but I have followed your ‘adventures’ via your Mum.
    Great photos, great venue.
    Hopefully, catch up with you in Melbourne.
    Love Judy C

  9. Little Anna Kasby all grown up and married!
    What a treat to share in the pictures from your special day.
    Love the blue shoes!

  10. Lovely, lovely photos showing a lovely lovely day. I know the beautiful countryside well
    We look forward to seeing you in November and meeting Nigel.
    Lots of love S and P. PS Love to Carolyn if she is still in the UK

  11. What a fantastic wedding week we had! Ross, you have captured the spirit perfectly and you really felt like a member of the family – we even put you to work tying shoelaces and doing up dresses!


  12. Back in Australia and looking at thhis amazing album and the story of that magical day and night in High Winder the centre of our universe for just a while. The true meeting of two families and all their beloved connections. I think we were the very best we could be and accomplished far more than we could have ever imagined together. All the very best to all involved and of course my beloved Anna and Nigel Moss and the very talented Mr Mathews who has given a timeless memory of a very happy time.

  13. Amazing photographs Ross, which accurately reflect a truly amazing day! It was wonderful to see my son Nigel and his bride Anna so happy and thoroughly enjoying their special day. Both families jelled together wonderfully well and it was a pleasure to welcome everyone to our home at High Winder. A never-to-be-forgotten occasion!

  14. Hi to you both, What a wonderful record with a beautiful setting with people who love each other. I enjoyed every picture and remember the Lake District with fondness. I will be in Melbourne in November so hope to see you both
    love De Coghlan